Internet legitimacy

Websites are funny things. We judge so many things in life by appearance, so websites are kind of tricky. Some of the worst looking, most difficult to navigate have the best content, while nice, friendly, appealing sites can bear the sting of death.

It was a nice looking message board with an innocent, faith-filled name and mission statement. It had that air of “internet legitimacy” that made you thing it would be a good site. Boy was I wrong. The invitation to Bible study and stimulating conversation appealed to me, and so I quickly registered and started scrolling through the various threads. I posted in a couple, and had some good responses. Then I read some of the other threads.

I recognized a couple of posters from other forums. They were both good, sound, kind-hearted ministers. They had jumped into a couple of threads about baptism and musical instruments. They must have said the wrong things, because immediately the dobermans were released. Within minutes, from different corners of the Bible Belt, attacks came with a ferocity and arrogance that was horrifying. I really felt sorry for these men.

They responded more kindly than many would have; and I am inspired by their example. They returned rudeness with kindness even though it still remains unrequited.

“Pray for your enemies, and bless those who persecute you.” – Jesus
Even on the internet.

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One Response to Internet legitimacy

  1. Amen, brother.

    Jesus was kind to the tax collector, compassionate to the adulteress, and sympathetic to the pagans.

    We should do the same.–>

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